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An update on the humble emoji

What emoji do you use the most? It’s likely to be 😂, according to the Most Used Emoji on Twitter Map. Emojis are used to add emotion to text-based communication. A well-placed 🙄 can clue the reader in to sarcasm without using the ambiguous /s. You may have seen recent headlines on how the emoji […]

Journalism-lovers, the documentary is your new best friend

While many have rightfully mourned the weakening of the press in the past few decades, the advent of the Internet has given them a new position of prominence. Actually, the celebrity journalist is not a new concept. Some rose to fame in decades ago thanks to their influential coverage of Nixon in the Watergate scandal, […]

The tangled mess of money and saving the planet

Here I sit in my local café, inspired by yet another online course, this time on making the business case for sustainability. The course takes us step by step through the calculations needed to prove the value of sustainability efforts. We carefully convert watts to kilowatts and then to dollar savings so we can then […]

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